Discover the COSMOS Repository

The Discover the COSMOS Repository contains educational material in the form of educational content (photos, videos, animations, exercises, graphs, links) and of learning activities (structured lesson plans organized according to specific pedagogical models such as inquiry based Learning and Guided Research). Users can search for the educational materials in the "Explore Discover the COSMOS" section or to upload their own materials to the Discover the COSMOS Repository, using the "Share your Content" section.

The Discover the COSMOS Repository goes mobile! Now, Discover the COSMOS Educational Content is available for mobile and handheld devices. Visit MoCERN and explore the HEP resources and MoCO and explore the Astronomy repository through your mobile phone.
Visit the DISCOVER the COSMOS Camp in Second Life! Explore the Universe, the ATLAS Detector and numerous other contents of the Repository through a unique immersive experience in a realistic context. From here you can download and install Second Life Viewer which is used for entering the Discover the COSMOS Camp in Second Life. Teleport to Discover the COSMOS Camp.

Discover the COSMOS Tutorials

COSMOS Video tutorials The Discover the COSMOS consortium has produced a series of video tutorials concerning astronomy, astrophysics and high energy physics subjects. To access these tutorials please click here.