Gaia Science Discoveries

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    Gaia Science Discoveries


        Gaia Science Alerts Outreach Robotic Telescopes Learning through Discovery Supernovae


          The contribution by the University of Cambridge (UCAM) team to the Discover the Cosmos (DtC) programme has been centred around the revolutionary upcoming Gaia space mission. Cambridge’s role in the Gaia mission, from initial conception through planning and implementation, and processing the data, uniquely positions us to provide an inside view of the project and its science.
          For DtC, UCAM has developed a stable long-term online platform to provide public access to the Gaia Science Alerts at the same time as they are released to the professional community. The site will also ensure the legacy availability of DtC resources. The Alerts will publish variable and transient objects as soon as they are detected by Gaia. Our platform is currently in the implementation phase: it will contain a significant repository of fun and informative Gaia educational material and be available at when Gaia is launched in late December 2013.

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