The Great CERN-Game of Particles

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    The Great CERN-Game of Particles


        CERN LHC general physics particle physics standard model LHC CERN board game


          This board game adapts the system of world’s biggest particle accelerators in the LHC at CERN. Hence your alter ego is a proton. By answering questions it will be accelerated more and more up to the end when it collides in a detector of the LHC-machine with another proton of your fellow players. If your proton had gained enough energy the Higgs-Boson can be detected. You’ve (almost) won!
          The game exists as a fully playable version in German (, it will be translated into English next months.
          Das Brettspiel ist dem Beschleunigersystem des LHC am CERN nachempfunden. Du lenkst darin Protonen. Diese gewinnen Energie in Beschleunigerstufen, an denen Du Dein physikalisches Wissen anwenden kannst.
          Geplante Verbesserungen in naher Zukunft:
          - frei editierbarer Fragenkatalog (automatische Erzeugung des pdf-Fragekarten-Ausdrucks)
          - Übersetzung ins Englische

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